Monday, December 04, 2006

We're Not Early Risers...

I work at Tiny Community College in my hometown. The receptionist for the college is a perfectly lovely woman; we'll call her Ms. Moon. She is exceedingly warm and friendly, and I make it a point to stop and chat with her whenever I come to the main campus.

It turns out that Ms. Moon lives right down the street from me and has been passing by my house on her daily walks through the neighborhood, she tells me, "since before your house was even there!" (In case you were wondering, we moved in on Mother's Day weekend of 1992.

Now, Ms. Moon was delighted to find that *I* live in that house - she's been wondering who occupies it because she swears that she's never seen a living soul in or around the place. She's absolutely convinced that I'm fibbing when I tell her that we're home, practically all the time, and that there's no earthly reason that she shouldn't see signs of life when she walks by.

It was when we were discussing this point this morning when another professor walked by and overheard us. She chimed in with the fact that she was aware that Ms. Moon makes her daily perambulations at ungodly hours of the morning. "Don't you take your walks around five o'clock or so?" my colleague asked.

Well, DUH, Ms. Moon! THAT'S why you never see signs of life at my house when you walk by - there ARE NONE at five in the freaking morning!!


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