Monday, January 09, 2006

I Hope It's Not a Message

I had this dream this morning before I woke up:

I was in my house (though it wasn't THIS house, it was still my house) and I was trying to get the sequence right in order to fire a special kind of gun - a sort of energy-pulse thing that could go through walls. It turns out, I was preparing for my home to be invaded by aliens who were coming in through the roof, and I wanted to be able to shoot them through the ceiling.

When the aliens came, though, there were far too many for me to handle alone, and I was alone - very, very alone. I got one, maybe two before the gun jammed or malfunctioned in some way - I couldn't tell what happened, I just knew no more aliens were going down and I was completely powerless without that weapon.

I spent the last few minutes of the dream trying to get the gun to work one last time so I could off myself before the aliens figured out how to work the stairs.


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