Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's ALL Relative


The Universe has a way of putting things into perspective for us, if only we're aware enough to see.

This afternoon, I got caught in a traffic jam on my way home from visiting a dear friend. Odd, I thought, since it was about two in the afternoon and, well, two in the afternoon isn't prime traffic jam time, you know? Then I noticed a thick plume of very dark smoke in the not-too-distant distance. Then the police car came roaring up behind us, making those of us in the left lane pull onto the shoulder to let him pass. Then, as I got closer, I could make out the flashing lights of a fire truck, a flatbed, and a couple more police cars (though, thankfully, no ambulances).

A car had veered off the highway and into the grassy median and, it seems, caught fire. Then proceeded to catch the median on fire. The entire car was a smoking hulk - I could tell neither color, nor make or model - and a decent patch of the grass between the highways was scorched and smoking.

I'm grateful for my car problems.

***this isn't a photo of the car fire I witnessed, but it's a pretty good facsimile...


Blogger vanx said...

That's scary.

My favorite pizzeria here in Sopranoland was a burned out hulk one morning recently. I dispelled the more colorful posibilities, because that stuff only happens on television. Not on Bloomfiel' Ave.

Well, in fact a car drove into the plate glass window and exploded inside the place ealry that morning. The first reports were of a drunk driver. Then, word was that the driver had diabetes and passed out because of insulin shock... at 3:00 am. My daughter's friend is on the rescue squad--cops actually managed to pull the guy out in time. The real scoop?: Drunk.

How are your car troubles? Where is it at?

10:12 PM  
Blogger Kizz said...

You know, it's not always a plain old story. People are nuts everywhere these days. The only car fire like that I've seen up close was while I was in MI. We were in the far lane from it and as we drove by I could feel the intense heat from inside our closed up van. Scary stuff. But hey, we all know now that fuel fires are the ones that burn the hottest. 9 out of 10 terrorists surveyed prefer them when relying on fire for their jobs. :)

9:17 AM  

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