Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's Only Been Ten Years...

I was rooting around in the basement this afternoon. The dumpster has to go back sometime this week, so I've been wandering around trying to offload anything that needs to go in there sooner rather than later because, well, there may not BE a later - a truck might roll up the driveway to take my dumpster away any day now.

While I was down there, gagging on the mold and pitching irredeemably damaged books (SOB!), I found many, many pretty green boxes. Contained within those boxes are five piece place settings of our china.

Most of those boxes were recieved as wedding gifts in 1996 and have never been opened. We never had the space to keep such prettiness safe and, therefore, kept the boxes intact. We're fast approaching the finish line for the kitchen, though, and we've got OODLES of cabinet space now (and even if we didn't, we're going to have a cabinet that goes with the new dining room table, so there!). I'd like to find some of the finishing pieces - the veggie bowl and the platter - but very soon, we're going to be able to use our wedding china!

I haven't brought it up quite yet; the cabinets in which I'm imagining the stuff will eventually reside aren't permanently installed yet - they'll have to be taken down when the new floor is installed. The fact that there's a chance that the plates will see daylight for the first time in ten years is exciting enough to warrant a blog entry, though, don't you think?


Blogger vanx said...

Absolutely. Any you have a dumpster? We had one once, a long time ago. I loved filling it, but I admit I dumpster dove at the end because I realized we put some pretty good stuff in there.

10:05 PM  

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