Sunday, July 09, 2006

Who Knew?

We had a dumpster delivered the other morning. At first, I didn't want it; I didn't think we'd be ready to have the thing - motivation for household chores in our place is often lacking during the summer months - and I wasn't sure that we'd be able to get rid of enough to make having a dumpster worth the cost.

I've since reconsidered.

I cleaned out the garage yesterday while Husband disassembled the last of the old kitchen cabinets and threw away all the cardboard from the boxes of flooring that were installed a few weeks ago. I am astounded by how good it feels to have a clean garage!! Everything is where it's supposed to be; we hung up the shovels and miscellanea, we rolled an old baby carriage and shop vac to the end of the driveway with "free" signs on them - and they're both gone today - and I brushed out all the cobwebs and swept the floor - it was Armageddon for spiders in my garage, I'll tell you!

This morning, after I got back from teaching my fitness classes, I hooked up the NEW shop vac (a much smaller, quieter, more manageable beastie for cleaning my car) and, well, cleaned my car. In a few minutes, I'm going to set the girls outside with buckets and brushes and let them soap the thing up for me. While I did that, Husband figured out what was ailing the lawn mower and hacked back a portion of the yard before he needed a break - it's hard work (the lawn hasn't been mown all season) and it's hot outide. The rest of my not-so-exciting-but-truly-satisfying Sunday will include finishing the laundry, culling out some dumpster-foddeer from the basement,and marinating chicken for dinner.

Aren't you glad you stopped by?


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