Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Home Depot's Reputation for Lousy Customer Service?

RICHLY deserved.

We're in the home stretch of kitchen completion, People. All that's left to be done is the installation of the countertops, the stovetop and wall oven, the assembly of two cabinets and the installation of three more, and a bunch of handles need to be screwed into place.

The problem, as far as the Home Despot is concerned, is that the stovetop and those three cabinets can't be put in until the counter is installed. The week before we left for vacation, a guy came out to measure for the countertops and called us with an estimate for them. Do you think we've heard a peep from the boy since? No sir. So, I called this afternoon, hoping to find out where in the process we are and what it will take to scoot things along.

THREE phone calls and half an hour later, and I'm no closer to an answer. I was bounced around to two different departments, disconnected once and connected to a phone no one answered once (hence, the three phone calls on my part). When I finally reached SOMEONE who MIGHT POSSIBLY know SOMETHING about what I'm asking about, she told me to try calling someone else after three.

"The Home Depot. You can do it - and you probably should do it, because we're useless."


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