Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More "Five Things"

Don't ask me why, but I kind of like doing these...

note; my answers are given in no particular order...

Five things you have but you do not want

1) a cluttered, stinky basement
2) arthritis
3) an unfinished house
4) spiders, fruit flies, mosquitoes
5) weak finger nails

Five things you want but you do not have

1) New furniture
2) a stove (oh, hell - a finished house!)
3) thighs that don't rub together
4) a winning lottery ticket
5) a good teaching job

Five things you would like to know more about

1) how to achieve and maintain inner balance
2) how to write - and teach - well
3) how to sew
4) how to be patient with growing girls (hello? Attitude!)
5) how to be as healthy as I can possibly be

Five important lessons you have learned

1) it's important to be honest
2) it's easier to be kind than to be not
3) family and friends are important, and worth the effort it takes to maintain them
4) if you can't take care of yourself, you can't take care of anyone else
5) communication is key

Five of your favorite memories

1) my wedding day
2) my daughters' birthdays
3) teaching summer school with Bowyer
4) Bermuda, 1994
5) christmas mornings with the girls

Five things you would like to forget

1) all of the negative stuff I believed about myself growing up
2) nagging fears of something horrible happening to people I love
3) times I acted selfishly or rudely
4) most of the first half of my teaching internship
5) how to sabotage myself

Five things you are looking forward to

1) growing old with my husband
2) going to England, Ireland and Scotland
3) watching my babies grow, graduate, marry, and have babies of their own
4) deepening friendships with the people who matter
5) pretty much all of it!


Blogger vanx said...

Five best rock 'n' roll concert experiences:

1) Warren Zevon at Webster Hall, New York
2) The Clash at Bond's International Casino
3) Wilco at Radio City Music Hall
4) Steely Dan, 2 Against Nature tour, former Garden State Arts Center
5) The Pogues at Webster Hall

(I've seen the Stones, The Who, and Springsteen. They did not make the cut)

9:41 PM  

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