Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yet Another Casualty

Husband discovered this morning, when he tried to take a shower, that we have suffered another loss from the lightning strike yesterday afternoon. It looks as though the bolt and ensuing power spike scrambled the circuit board of our hot water heater.

I'm calling the homeowner's insurance people today in the hopes that I can file a claim. Between the TiVo, the garage door opener and the boiler, we're WAY past our deductable.

Are lightning strkies considered "acts of God"?


Blogger Kizz said...

Well lightning comes from storms and that's an act of God. I don't know how your insurance will categorize it. Wonder how the fact of it frying an electrical pole will factor in. Should the electric company have better buffers? I don't know. Wow, now I guess you know all the things you need to check after the next strike!

8:47 AM  
Anonymous claudia said...

Have you done spot checks on other vulnerable items,such as oven,washer,dryer,etc.? Hopefully,you will get a sympathetic adjuster. You could always make a vague reference to "power-surge" without offering to mention(unless they specifically ask)that the pole took a direct hit!!

12:14 PM  

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