Monday, July 17, 2006

What Happens in Vegas....

Husband's best friend and fraternity brother, we'll call him Dudley*, is getting married!

After a long and painful divorce from the mother of his two nearly grown sons - instigated by her, by the way - Dudley has done what he never thought he'd be able to do. The boy has fallen in love again. His fiancee, we'll call her Squeaky*, is lovely; funny, smart, willing and eager for adventures. They came up in March to visit us and we all went snow tubing. We had a lovely time getting to know Squeaky, and it will be wonderful to welcome her into the family.

The wedding is going to happen in March in Vegas. I've never been to Vegas, and never really thought I would ever go. Husband is going to be standing up for Dudley, though, so we're arranging sleepovers for the girls, who are staying in New England while we're gone, checking out flight information and wondering where the hell we should stay amidst all that neon.

**Okay, even though I fully admit to being lousy at making up pseudonyms, I refuse to claim responsibility for these - when I asked Dudley if I could blog about his life and he said I could, I asked him what he wanted to be called. He came up with the names, which are the names of their respective cats. I just wanted you to know...


Blogger vanx said...

I, of course, was thinking Moore and Fromme.

Las Vegas is a trip. Flying in, it will occur to you that God is speaking to you in a loud voice, saying "human life is not meant to be here." By the third day, God sounds like a broken record. It's like the human race's first outpost on a hostile planet, with all the fun that that suggests.

10:08 PM  
Blogger Mrs.Chili said...

Yeah, but no - they're cats. And now, it seems, the psuedonyms for Husband's best friend and Best Friend's soon-to-be wife.

I have mixed feelings about going to Vegas, but we love Dudley, so we're going. I have some negative connotations with the place already, and I've never even been there. Eh, whatever - it will be an experience, and hopefully one that offers something of value to my personhood.

It's not for another eight months, though, so I've got time to get used to the idea. Of course, now that you've posted that comment, Vanx, I'm going to look out the window of my landing plane and think about bad sci-fi movies about lone human outposts on desolate, dusty planets. Thanks for that...

10:23 PM  

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