Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Snapshot of a Tuesday Morning

6:40 - Mommy wakes to the sound of the train passing through town. The whistle meshed oddly with a most unpleasant dream I was having about aliens and the election of a president who promised to send away the youngest child of every family.

6:57 - Mommy wakes girls and informs them of the general weather conditions and asks what they might like in terms of lunch for the day

7:02 - Mommy realizes that Beanie hasn't brought home her lunch box. Discusses with Beanie the importance of bringing the lunch box home and decides what to do about her lunch arrangements for the day

7:09 - finally settle with Punkin' Pie that she can make her own damned lunch as she answers "no, thank you" to every option that comes her way

7:19 - Beanie comes downstairs from chatting with Daddy while he takes his shower. Punkin' Pie is busily making peanut butter cracker sandwiches ("HOW is this different from the sandwich I offered you?!") and being generally fussy about what else to have for lunch

7:27 - Beanie decides on toast for breakfast, then realizes that today is her field trip day. Well, then! That means you CAN'T have lunch in the cafeteria now, doesn't it? Mommy hastily puts together a half a sandwich, a container of yogurt, an apple and a box of juice and wraps it all in a plastic grocery bag.

7:32 - Beanie realizes that the pretty skirt she's wearing is inappropriate for a field trip to a county fair to see animals, so she interrupts her toast preparations to change into pants. Complimenting her on her good thinking, Mommy takes over the toast.

7:34 - Punkin' Pie is STILL making her lunch, wandering aimlessly around the kitchen wondering what else to have. Note that she still hasn't begun to think of breakfast. Mommy takes over at this point, including a cup of yogurt and a juice box, while sending Punkin' toward the cereal cupboard.

7:46 - while the girls leisurely munch on toast and Life cereal, the bus drives by. Daddy's eyes, not unjustifiably, roll.

7:53 - finally shod and jacketed, and complete with lunches (such as they are) and backpacks (which, hopefully, contain all the necessary homework and accessories), the girls and Daddy begin their (unanticipated) walk to school.



Blogger vanx said...

Have they reached the "tipping point" where their backpacks become heavier than they are? I think that doesn't happen until about seventh grade, when, ironically, they themselves will also weigh more.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Mrs.Chili said...

No, they're not quite there yet, though the backpacks DO look huge on them, don't they? You need to understand that my children are very small - Beanie, at age nearly-seven-and-a-half, can still wear size 4T clothes. We joked that when we got Punkin' Pie's backpack (the yellow one), she could practically fit inside the thing!

The backpacks look full, but they're really not. I suspect that, once the girls hit middle school, more books will make the trip back and forth from school. All that goes in the packs now, though, are "home folders," which contain a few sheets of homework, and lunch boxes.

Well, they're SUPPOSED to contain lunch boxes. Beanie didn't come home with hers. AGAIN.


4:35 PM  

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