Saturday, September 03, 2005

When You Put It THAT Way... looks so pretty. This:

is my name in Elvish. I was goofing around on the computer the other day whilst Clyde watched the baseball game, and came upon a site that promised to teach me how to write my name in Elvish in ten minutes or less (wow. People have a LOT of time on their hands, huh?). Anyway, while I was cruising the internet, I was also IMing with Casablanca, and he decided to put it into his computer, added the dragonfly (which, if you don't already know, is my totem), and emailed the image to me the next day. I'm in love with it - I may have it made into a stamp.


Blogger Kizz said...

Wow people really do have way too much time on their hands! It's cool, though.

11:26 PM  
Blogger Wayfarer said...

To be fair, it took me all of 30 minutes to create, and was a welcome break from the 4 hours of school work I'd been doing. Since Tolkien did all the work in creating the language and the script, all I had to do was add my artistic touch. I'm glad you like it!

9:40 PM  

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