Tuesday, October 18, 2005


At least once a day, I stop and give thanks up to the Universe for all the wonders in my life.

I have an amazing husband and two beautiful children. My marriage is strong and happy, my children are strong and happy. Even if everything else were to crumble around me, as long as I still had them, I would still have hope.

I have a mother who loves me very much - something I didn't always have, but now that I do it stops me in my tracks every time I think of her. Same with my grandparents; sweet, kind people with a boundless capacity for love. I am so lucky they accepted me into their family.

I am blessed with some of the best friends anyone has ever had. Weedwoman is my soul sister; I have a bond with her that defies description. Kizz makes me laugh every single day; she is the epitome of capital-G-Girlfriend and, even though we live five hours away and only see each other a couple of times a year, she's one of the people I treasure most. Casablanca and Geisha, and Tenure and LittleBear, are more than friends - they're family. PTrinity and CTrinity are like safe deposit boxes to me right now - even though I don't get to see them much lately (we're all interning in high schools and are all, as we say in these parts, "wicked busy"), I know they're there, safe, waiting to be opened to reveal the treasures within.

I have new friends with enormous potential. PlumTomato and L-Sign are kind, encouraging, and funny. I'm so looking forward to having them in my life, and to the journeys we're now beginning. I also have an infant friendship with SilentSeed, and it's exciting and fun to watch it grow and unfold.

I have two amazing teachers at work - women who are strong, funny, smart (or, as we say around these parts, "wicked smaht"), experienced and kind. I'm learning SO much, and I'm grateful to them for their patience and eagerness to see me succeed.

The Universe is kind, and I am grateful.


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