Friday, September 30, 2005


I have a beautiful, precious baby girl who's now eight (I have another beautiful, precious baby girl who's six, but this story isn't about her). When she was little, Cinderella was the QUEEN of the Universe. We practically wore out the VCR tape that my friend loaned me. Since my kids don't really watch t.v. (I have a thing about t.v. - not an over-the-top thing, but a thing nonetheless), we spent a fair bit of time with the Disney classics.

I scoured the Earth looking for a copy that I could buy so that I could give our borrowed copy back. I checked all the usual places; the evil empire of Wal-Mart, all the bookstores, every online outlet that was up and running seven years ago and right back to the Disney Store itself. It was there that I was told that Cinderella was "in the vault" and wouldn't be released until some undisclosed date. It's a BRILLIANT, but frustrating, marketing ploy that Disney uses - they keep their best stuff "in the vault" and only dole them out at undetermined intervals to keep interest high. It feels oddly like a drug dealer who regulates his junkies' fixes. I figured that, given my luck, Cinderella would be released WAY too late to do me any good.

Yeah, I was right. Here we are, almost nine years later, Cinderella is just NOW getting released on DVD. Punkin is SO over Cinderella. PUH-LEESE! She's gone through two other princess by this point and is now into those horrid Bratz dolls (which, mean old parents that we are, we refuse to buy for her on principle. Barbies are bad enough - "big head" dolls are too much for me to take). I'm still considering buying the DVD anyway, though, so if Punkin grows up to have a daughter, she, too, can worship Cinderella (and her Mommy won't have to make herself crazy looking for a copy). That's worth the twenty bucks the DVD will cost, don't you think?


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