Saturday, February 11, 2006

I Love it When the Weather Channel Ladies Use the Word...


Remember, a week or so ago, when I posted an entry about how eerily warm it's been in my area lately? Remember how I said I was waiting for the other shoe to drop? Well, according to the Weather Channel ladies (and the incessant ache in my left hip), that shoe is on it's way down right now and should hit the ground sometime after midnight.

Depending on who I listen to, my town is going to get either 10 inches or a foot and a half. Everyone's agreeing that there are going to be stupid winds, and whatever snow we get will be blowing around and generally creating impossible driving conditions (and making shoveling the driveway an exercise in futility).

I'm secretly hoping that the snow starts soon enough to prevent me from going to work tomorrow morning. I hate sliding around on the roads only to arrive to one or two others brave (stupid?) enough to venture out for a step class. I'm also hoping, though not quite as ardently, for a snow day on Monday. My small people are tired and have been fighting off various forms of cold and ickiness, and we could really use a couple of good, solid do-nothing days.

If I still have power tomorrow, I'll upload some pictures.


Anonymous claudia said...

Ya, I'm hoping that the power stays on so I can work on the wall in the "man-cave" that I started painting last week! While the husband is out plowing,to make sure others can wend their way out into the world,I'll be tending the homefires and sending him "happy thoughts"! I'm glad this is a relatively "fast moving" storm as I worry even more when he starts to push the 30+ hours without sleep boundaries!!!!!

5:45 PM  
Blogger Kizz said...

Here's the report from the front before yours. It was rain/non stick snow for several hours due to warmer temps. It began to stick about 10 last night and we're now looking at about 12" and continuing off and on white out conditions with wind that (I'm guessing) can knock you off your feet. Falling at a rate of about 2" per hour. So, in short I think you're both going to get your do nothing day. I hope you get to keep your power. I'm groping for the courage to go out and walk the pooch.

9:42 AM  

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