Sunday, February 26, 2006

Oh, How I MISS It!!!

I spent the better part of yesterday at WeedWoman's house in the boonies. Just to give you an idea of the relative isolation, one of the "tourist" spots in her general area is (and I'm not making this up here) a STOVE MUSEUM. I'm thinking we'll have to go at some point, just to say we did.

Anyway, she met me at a grocery store on my way up and we did a fair bit of shopping, then continuted on to her place where I proceeded to cook for her and her husband. I haven't been able to really cook - with all the necessary pots and pans, ingredients actually IN the kitchen, refrigerator in the same room as the stove - since before October. It was WONDERFUL.

I put together a particularly good beef stew that made the house smell heavenly. It simmered for most of the afternoon; we ate after Mr. WW and PunkinPie finished watching the Pirates of the Caribbean, then we had some absolutely yummy babycakes (one of my signature creations) for dessert.

I fear this little burst of culinary creativity is going to make Husband's life less pleasant in the immediate short term, though, as I am even more eager to get my own kitchen put together and functional.


Anonymous claudia said...

On the 8th,you said that we could possibly expect to see new pictures of the kitchen. How's it going? Are the floor cabinets in yet and the counter measured/ordered? I know that when you are a person who not only cooks,but actually enjoy it, it must be frustrating to not have that available to you. I also know that I like to cook to relax. So,when I'm stressed, there will be extra baked goods in the house!!!! Hopefully, things are progressing!!!

11:58 AM  
Blogger vanx said...

Can we see some pictures of the babycakes, too, please?

Sounds like a great trip to the boonies.

11:53 PM  

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