Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring Fever...

...but not how you think.

I feel like crap today. I'm trying hard not to blame PTrinity, who emailed me yesterday to inform me that she's suffering from fever, chills, body aches and a headache. I haven't seen her since last Wednesday, so I'm pretty sure she's not responsible for my having the same symptoms, unless she can transmit her diseases via the internet (though I'm pretty sure my virus protection....oh, never mind. It was a bad joke, anyway). It's more than the power of suggestion, though - my body is trying to fend off something.

The low-grade headache and tender throat started last night. I began today by having three Advil for breakfast, and that seemed to help. Right around noon, though, I started feeling icky again, so I downed three more with lunch in the hopes that I'd be able to beat back at least the symptoms of whatever this is. Sadly, though? Not so much. The chills started around quarter to two.

I'm home for the rest of the day (and, quite possibly, the entirety of tomorrow). I came home, dumped my stuff in the hall and trudged upstairs to change out of work clothes and into comfy-cozies. I'm half considering asking Husband to stop and pick up something for dinner, because the idea of cooking just doesn't appeal - not because I feel sick to my tummy (thank the Universe!!) but because I'm so weary that I'm not sure I could stand up long enough to put a whole meal together.



Blogger Wayfarer said...

Sounds like a sick day coming up!

Feel better, baby.

The question popped up the other day about which I'd rather have, a year of your kind of sickness or what I had in September. I still haven't decided. It's a tough choice, if I remove the effect of being sick on those around me. What do you think?

5:20 PM  
Blogger Mrs.Chili said...

You were right! Today's a sick day.

I'm not sure it would have been if I'd gotten ANY sleep last night. Whatever this is isn't affecting my GI tract, so I CAN still function, but I got zip-point-shit for sleep and what I did get was plagued with some of the oddest dreams I can ever remember having (think Paul Williams chasing me out of the grocery store parking lot. I'm just not okay with that).

I can't begin to answer your last question, though I suspect I'd take feeling low-grade crappy for a year over NEARLY DYING...

8:05 AM  
Blogger vanx said...

I hope you're feeling better today~,:^0. I have a little of the old throat tickle myself. I snapped out of it though after watching the History Channel in my hotel room this morning--it was about the bubonic plague in Europe. A very convincing reenactment--kind of like one of those Medieval Revivalist dinners gone really bad. Monty Python, but not for the yuks. Yup. Snapped me right out of it. They might be rerunning it later.
I prescribe tea with lemon and honey and History.
Get some rest~

8:41 AM  
Anonymous claudia said...

You know that I sent a note re:having had this illness,but what I hadn't mentioned was the incredibly creative night journeys that I went on!! You know,the ones where it takes a bit to shed the reality of the night and to slip back into your physical reality? Good luck with your check up though.It's never fun to feel"icky"!

10:53 AM  

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