Friday, March 17, 2006

Walter On the Move

After about a half hour of fussing around the bedroom this morning - gathering laundry, picking up toys the girls left around, changing the sheets - I peeked in to check on Walter.

I was, I have to tell you, very disappointed to not find him in the spot he's occupied for nearly a week.

I was worried - genuinely worried; how pathetic is THAT? - that he'd died over night, fallen off the wall, and was washed down the drain during Husband's shower. I even went so far as to scan the bottom of the tub to see if he'd fallen but not died and was in need of rescue.

The little bugger (like the pun? And it's not even 8:30 in the morning, People! THAT's what two English degrees gets ya!) HAS moved from his spot, but he's neither dead nor, it seems, in any particular need of rescue. He's gone about four feet from the back wall of the tub to the bottom front. If you were to sit in my bathtub, he'd be right about where your knee would be, about six inches up from the floor.

I'll keep watching him until he goes on his way and I lose the trail. I've got to remember to be careful with the shower curtain, though, lest I knock him off the wall and become responsible for the fate I so feared he'd suffered this morning.


Anonymous nhfalcon said...

Two English degrees did NOT get you the ability to pun like that, S! Who're you trying to kid?! Hanging out with Bowyer got you the ability to pun! :)

8:39 PM  

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