Sunday, September 24, 2006

Today's Five

Today, I am grateful for:

1. The fact that I have a washing machine and dryer. I've managed about four loads of laundry today, and I'm mindful that many, many people - including more than a few I know personally - have to leave their homes to clean their clothes. I'm thankful that I don't have to do that.

2. My Sunday morning fitness classes. I have two great groups of people who drag themselves out of bed on a Sunday morning to work out with me, and I really do look forward to seeing them every week - and I miss them when they decide NOT to drag themselves out of bed.

3. Kizz. She posted a Grey's Anatomy Hot Person entry just for me over at her blog, and I've had a few back-and-forth emails with her today. Despite the fact that we live almost 300 miles apart and have almost polar opposite lives, she is still one of my most precious friends. Oh, and add Instant Message to this gratitude item: It's because of IM that I get to "talk" to Kizz almost daily, and I'm sure that helps to keep our friendship strong.

4. Thomas' Blueberry Bagels. Now, you need to understand that these aren't actually REAL bagels. They're big and puffy and soft and really don't even come close to a poor imitation of a real bagel, but they are yummy, nonetheless - particularly when they're right out of the toaster oven and soaked in just a little too much butter.

5. My husband. Really, he's always Number One on my daily gratitude accounting, but today I'm particularly grateful for him because he re-wired all the downstairs light switches so that every single lightbulb down here can be dimmed. For those of you who don't know me - or who don't know this particular bit about me - I am part vampire. I really don't LIKE a lot of artificial light. Having dimmers all over really makes me happy, and I'm grateful to my man for gettin' it done!


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