Monday, October 16, 2006

Almost Too Sweet

Here's the scene: It's morning, 7 a.m., to be exact. I walk into the dusky dawn of the girls' room, quietly singing the "good morning" song ("good morning to you, good morning to you, good morning, pretty babies, good morning to you" sung to, of course, "happy birthday"). I get to about the second "good morning" and a sleepy little voice from the top bunk says " It's morning ALREADY??"

They are so beautiful, and I'm so grateful they chose me to be their mom...


Blogger vanx said...

Bunk beds! Our girls had bunk beds for a while. But the "new" house has sloping eves in the bedrooms so we have to spread them out. We can't stack them anymore. I remember the great effort needed to put a sleeping girl in the top bunk. I'm really too old fore bunk beds now.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Mrs.Chili said...

Yeah, bunk beds. We got them when Beanie switched out into a big-girl bed about five or six years ago, and the were a blessing. The room the girls occupy is too small for side-by-side beds, and neither one of them wanted to be alone at night. Bunk beds! Problem solved!

We're getting a little tired of them, though. It's WAY too hard to put a sleeping girl in the top bunk - even a girl who's only in the 2nd percentile for height and weight. We're planning on moving the girls into our current bedroom when the new bit of the addition is finished (God/dess only knows when THAT will be). Our current room is enormous - the room runs the width of the house - and will be plenty big enough to spread them out. I'm looking forward to being able to smooch both of my babies goodnight without having to climb.

6:28 AM  

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