Thursday, October 05, 2006

In Anticipation of Colder Weather...

...I bought myself some hats. They arrived today. From Israel. From a website called, of all things, Modest World.

It should probably be noted here that I am neither Jewish nor particularly modest.

The hats on the site appealed to me, though, in that they are designed to cover the whole of a woman's hair. I've got some hair, and one of the reasons that I haven't really worn hats in the past is that they've all been slightly less than up to the task of keeping all that hair in one place. I have high hopes for these.

I'm pretty sure I found the link to this site on Blue's blog, but all her archives are coming up as "page not found," so I can't give proper credit. Anyway, the post was about some of the more severe rules about women's attire in some cultures and religious groups, and she'd mentioned this site as being the most fashion-conscious of those she'd come across.

I got this just the way it looks in this picture:

and this in the "black with white flowers" choice:

I plan on being warm and pretty this winter!

**author's note: I emailed Blue and her husband found the post in question. Thanks, Asshole!


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