Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Settling In...Sort Of...

You can't really tell in the picture of the kitchen-in-progress that I posted below, but I've already kinda-sorta started settling in.

Many many years ago Claudia, mother of my heart, gave me this beautiful sculpture she'd created. It's something I've always loved and is one of my most treasured material possessions. When Husband installed the shelves that will hang over the sink next to the window, I couldn't bear to look at them all empty, so I moved the sculpture from her spot in the entertainment cabinet to the bottom shelf in the kitchen.

I'm looking forward to being able to see her every time I go to the sink.


Anonymous claudia said...

It's always entertaining when I see work that is from the far away past. It is even more entertaining to hear my husbands reaction when pieces that I've done show up that he hasn't seen before. The conversation usually goes-
ME: Oh look.I did this a long time ago.
HIM: YOU did THAT???
HIM: OH!!!!
Thank you for giving the piece a special place in your new kitchen!!

4:59 PM  

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