Friday, May 26, 2006

Who's Your Papi?

I'm not really wild about baseball but, because I AM wild about my husband, I sit through Red Sox games with him.

Despite my lack of real affection for the national pastime (I'm a football gal at heart), I do have to profess a love for David Oritz. You've got to respect a man who hits that hard - of course, he kind of has to hit that hard because, well, the man can't run worth a damn - but he certainly brings in the runs.


Anonymous nhfalcon said...

"If you no help me now, I say @#*! you, Jobu - I do it myself!" :)

BTW, IMHO baseball has not been the national pasttime for quite a while. Football is. My proof? First, the Super Bowl far outweighs the World Series in terms of viewership and money spent for the rights to air a commercial during its airing. Second, nobody else plays football quite the way we do; it is a truly American sport. Baseball, on the other hand, is played all over Asia and Latin America - usually at a higher level than we play it (witness the recent World Baseball Classic).

7:45 AM  
Blogger Mrs.Chili said...

And EVERY TIME I see Papi, I think of that line from Major League. Thank you SO MUCH, Falcon, for introducing me to the film - those scenes alone were worth the hour and a half. (and I also love calling you at work when Papi hits one in, quoting that line, and making you laugh...)

7:53 AM  

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