Friday, May 19, 2006

To Go, or Not To Go...

...THAT is the question.

I've GOT to start working out more. I've picked up two step classes a week - I start teaching them starting Monday, and that will help a lot. The thing is, though, I'm sitting here trying to dedide whether to go to Friday morning step. I've got a TON of stuff to do today - I'd like to see my sister, but her window of opportunity to stop by is SO narrow that I'll have to duck out of step class early. I'm supposed to go to commencement rehersal this afternoon, but I'm probably going to blow that off in favor of visiting my mom, who I haven't seen in FAR too long. Then I come back home, snatch the girls from school and go visit my grandparents. I keep thinking there's something else I'm supposed to do this afternoon, but I can't remember what it is - and it's not in my calendar, so oh well.

Well, I suppose I should walk the talk, huh? I've been bitching about how little time I've had to work out, so I'm off!


Blogger Wayfarer said...

I need to do more active things, too. The thing is, I just can't handle the stress on my spirit of adding things to my schedule right now. I have money earmarked for t'ai chi classes, and I'm itching to do more outside (biking, running, soccer, disc golf... So much I'd love to do), but I'm just so tired inside. Hell, just getting it up to go walking right now is an accomplishment.

I'm inspired by your entry here, though. Go get 'em! I'm psyching myself up to do the same.

8:14 AM  

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