Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fall Back

Daylight savings time
ends tonight. I always feel strange this time of year: I dread the impending winter with the cold and snow and the darkness that comes ever earlier, but I LOVE warm sweaters and woobie socks and the holidays.

And the extra hour of sleep I get tomorrow morning.

Today - or, rather, tonight - is one of my favorite days. It seems silly and insignificant, but I really dig the extra hour of sleep. For the first few weeks, until I start getting used to the shift, everything seems easier. I have more energy, I feel less rushed. My logical side (and yes, wise-guys, I have a logical side; I just choose to not use it too often. Don't want to wear it out, you know) tells me that it's only an hour. What possible difference can an hour one way or the other make?

My body tells my logical side to shove it - it makes a hell of a lot of difference. Talk to me in the spring when I'm always late for everything and dead tired for the first week or so of DST. I pry myself awake at what, yesterday, was FIVE-FREAKING-THIRTY IN THE MORNING. That's just not right, and I resent it for longer than I should, despite the freshening weather and the extended play time in the evenings.

Falling back is, by far, my preferred direction.


Anonymous Weed Woman said...

Your body has it over your logic self. Our internal time clocks are calibrated by minutes. We are really quite amazing in so many ways

9:06 AM  
Blogger Mrs.Chili said...

REALLY?! I didn't know that we were calibrated to minutes! Seriously?! Well, that makes me feel a whole lot better, then, because I just chalked it up to being a candy-ass when we spring ahead and I'm wrecked for more than two weeks.

Is there anything in your knowledge that relates to human hibernation? I need something that justifies getting into one's pajamas at three-thirty in the afternoon...

2:11 PM  
Blogger Kizz said...

No justification needed, getting in your jammies when it's cold and dark out just feels nice.

I talked about the change all day yesterday. Then forgot all about it and woke up this morning, crawled out of bed and found the cable box clock reset and thought, "Aaaahhhhh."

5:42 PM  
Anonymous nhfalcon said...

Justification for getting in your jammies at 3:30PM? Hell, if I don't have to go anywhere on a particular day, I never get OUT of my jammies!

Tigger-themed with matching fuzzy slippers that my almost two year old son finds irresistable, btw. :)

Depending on the weather outside, I may not even get out of BED!

8:18 PM  
Blogger vanx said...

Somehow Mama Vanx got in TWO extra hours of sleep this morning (Sunday). How the hell does she pull this kind of thing off?

12:08 AM  

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