Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sorry! Can't Talk Just Now....

...I'm busy trying to get a handle on things around here.

The completion of my kitchen (or, to be more specific, the DAMNED-NEAR completion - the cabinet door isn't installed just yet) and the approching holidays have conspired to ignite in me my somewhat dormant nesting instincts. I've decided that today is the day that I'll vacuum the entire house (Yes! Upstairs, too!), finish all the laundry, organize and clean the kitchen (a good bit of Windex on the counter tops and some scrubbing powder in the sink ought to do just nicely), pay a few bills, organize my school stuff, make an appointment to have my Puck's oil changed and maybe, just maybe, assemble the two chairs and the art-supply cabinet I bought at IKEA yesterday.

Yeah, I know I'm asking a lot of myself, especially given that I'm almost out of laundry soap, I have a chiropractor's appointment at 3, and the girls had a half day at school today and so are home now (and not exactly chomping at the proverbial bit to help me in my manic housekeeping fit). I'll power through as much as I can, though - a list half-done is better than nothing at all!


Blogger organic mama said...

Go get 'em!!
I am taking a break from precisely the SAME kind of day! I just organized all the missing socks (joined 61 pairs!) (Eek), vacuumed the entire house, did the kitchen and am working on my bills. I am just now running some furry crystal and glassware that normally resides at the top of my kitchen counters, through the dishwasher. Thanksgiving is a good incentive but it was getting ridiculous, ya know?

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Weed Woman said...

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