Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It Was the Same Old Sh*t...

...wrapped up in a slightly different bow.

The meeting with the Biologic went off as planned on Sunday. Sister and I met up with the Biologic at the appointed time in the appointed place. She brought a friend with her (she has FRIENDS!! Who KNEW?!?) whose sole purpose at this little party, it seemed, was to keep the Biologic on track and to nod sagely at opportune moments.

The song and dance number was the same - there were no real surprises, though she did put a new twist on the time-honored power-play/blackmail combination - and I left all that much more certain that I'm beyond the need to be sucked into the drama cycle. Sister thinks that there will be more drama, and probably very soon, but I simply don't care. There is nothing that either of my natural parents can do to harm me in any way at this point, so the only thing they'll be doing is pouring more negative energy into the Universe.

It makes me sad for them


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