Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wouldja Just LOOK at THAT!!

Isn't that GORGEOUS!?

We finished putting up the wall cabinets last night. Isn't it fabulous? Husband wants to take the corner cabinet off again and do something to the wall so that it sits more evenly, but the big point is that they're all put together, they're all up, and they all FIT!


We have to wait for the electrician to come and move the outlet that's not quite behind the oven cabinet - that may not happen until next week. After that happens, if I understand the sequence right (which I'm not guaranteeing) base cabinets get assembled. The one that goes to the left of the oven cabinet has to be put together first, I gather, so that a wooden face plate can be screwed to it to box in the fridge. Once all the base cabinets are put together, we put together the island, then buy a stovetop and get someone in to measure for counters.

I'll post more pictures by this weekend - things are humming right along now.



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