Sunday, December 04, 2005


Something very good just happened to someone I love very much.

WeedWoman has been in the process of trying to sell her house for about a year now. She and her husband have been frantically cleaning and sprucing and remodeling with the hopes of dumping their hundred-something year old, two-family house on North Main Street in a medium-sized town in favor of buying something newer, single-family in the middle of nowhere. It finally happened yesterday.

WW called me ALL excited. I've known for quite some time that she's just about had it with the process. She's not happy in her current home, though she and her husband have done REMARKABLE work and it really is beautiful now. She's got tenents upstairs and a tiny yard on a busy street. She needs grass and trees and dirt to play in. The relief in her voice when she told me that the house had finally sold was palpable and I'm SO happy for her.

They've picked out a house that they love (in spite of the fact that it's YELLOW!). It has a huge basement, a big yard and a river nearby, so husband can go fishing!! Here's where my excitement for her is tempered, though - her prospective new home is MUCH farther away from me than her current one. I'm a little afraid that I'm going to see even less of her than I do now (and a little annoyed at myself for being selfish).


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Ww, Congratulations!

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